ZMCS Governance
ZMCS is governed by a board consisted of active agricultural producers that are elected by our members.

ZMCS Services
We provide extension services for farmers who are engaged in crops production. Extension services like Quality Control and Drying Facilities.

ZMCS Financing
ZMCS has a variety of farm-friendly terms, payment and financing options for our members. Browse all our financing options to choose the options that best suit your operational needs.

Our Farmland financing loans were designed by farmers like you in mind.

• Buy land, buildings, livestock, equipment, etc.
• Longer amortization
• No minimum or maximum

• ZMCS members
• Purchase must be for agricultural purposes.

2. Z-Agri Plan Loan
Through the Z-Agri Plan loan program, ZMCS provides support to members by giving loans for the purpose of marketable livestock, acquire breeding stock, purchase equipment for your farm, or other approved projects.

The following conditions apply;
• ZMCS members only
• Loans to a maximum of N100,00.00
• Single digit rate
• No fees
• Covers most farm expenses

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We are currently working cooperatively to grow ZMCS. We are made up of farmers (small family farms, medium scale and large scale), representing a variety of organic /naturally raised crops and dairy.